Hygiene in Commercial Bathrooms (COVID-19)

Hygiene in Commercial Bathrooms (COVID-19)

With the current out-break of COVID-19 that is sweeping throughout the world. It would be a good time to revise why hygiene is important in the commercial bathrooms. Cleanliness and personal hygiene are the utmost importance when it comes to the workplace.

Here are the steps to follow to maintain the hygiene of bathrooms:

  • Provide a clean bathroom
    • Every commercial facility needs a clean bathroom. Ensure that the bathroom is well stocked with soap, toilet paper, hand/paper towel and bins emptied
  • Provide mats to prevent falls, slips and spills
  • Regular Cleaning
    • Make sure your workplace is regularly cleaned, this helps to prevent the spread of infections, viruses and bacteria.
    • A clean workplace also maintains morale and provides a sense of professionalism

If these steps are followed to keep bathrooms at workplaces clean, employees will be happier as they are kept safe and healthy, your company image will improve and you will prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Fixtures and Fittings also play a major role in helping to prevent the spread of bacteria:

  • Epoxy Flooring
    • Epoxy Flooring/Grout is low maintenance and efficient to clean
    • Epoxy Flooring/Grout provides a non-porous floor surface eliminating unpleasant odours from soiled floors
  • Touchless Fixtures & Fittings
    • Sensor Lights
    • Sensor Taps
    • Automatic Soap Dispensers and Hand Dryers
    • Air Fresheners
  • Ventilation
    • By having a good ventilation system installed, this helps to eliminate the odour smells and decrease the chance of mould and condensation building up.

With thousands of people working from home and avoiding public spaces there is no better time to upgrade your amenities to improve hygiene with minimal disruption. Take action today – Contact API Commercial to join the fight against COVID-19.

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