Receiving negative feedback about your school bathrooms?

Westmead Private Hospital Public Bathrooms
Did you know wet areas experience an extraordinary bacterial load which can carry viruses and diseases on surfaces and through the air? There are solutions to minimise the transmission of bacteria in a school bathroom including Touch free solutions minimise the contact which school children have with the surfaces such as:
  • Smart Flush Toilets & Urinals
  • Sensored Tapware
  • Automatic Soap Dispensers
  • Automatic Ventilation
  • Automatic Hand Dryers
  • Doorless Entries

As well as solutions to prevent surfaces breading bacteria such as:
  • Epoxy Grouting between tiles 
  • Antibacterial Silicone
  • Antibacterial Compact Laminate Partitions & Benchtops

Implementing some of these solutions will immediately increase better hygiene and decrease the transmission of bacteria.


API Commercial can help with a range of options to meet your budget, improve hygiene and reverse the negative feedback regarding your bathrooms.
Contact API Commercial to transform your bathrooms to increase the health of your students and positive feedback!

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