How Does Washroom Design Increase Customer Satisfaction?

How Does Washroom Design Increase Customer Satisfaction?

A bad first impression can make a first customer’s experience their last!! A clean bathroom can make or break a customer service experience. The impact of a clean restroom on a customer’s perception of your company can last through the entire dining experience, and can be a main topic of conversation when the customer tells her friends about your company.

Washrooms can have a major impact on customer satisfaction levels, which demonstrates the need for a well-designed washroom. Washrooms are usually the smallest room on the premises but they can have the biggest impact, with toilets usually being the first or last thing that a customer will see of your business. Facilities that are appealing to your customers can have a huge impact, yet many businesses chooses to cut costs in this area.

What do Customers Look for?

Cleanliness is a significant factor, but the aesthetics of a washroom are also highly important to customers. Having a well-designed bathrooms shows customers that you value their needs, and want them to enjoy their customer experience.

Without cleanliness, all is lost! Keep the toilets super clean and regularly check for water spills and dirty floors. Consider your washroom design as important as your main working space area, then customers will be impressed. Sometimes your washrooms need a ‘wow factor’, this creates customers to talk about your washrooms which helps your brand and receive positive reviews. Mirrors and lighting are a big factor in the design as washrooms are spaces where individuals often retreat. Then the last main factor is to remember the extra things such as coat and bag hooks, bins, good stock of toilet paper, quality soap and hand towels. With these few items, customers will feel they are looked after properly.

Why is Commercial Washroom Design Important?

Well-designed and maintained toilets are essential, there are many ways to create a memorable and pleasant washroom experience. Privacy is one of the most important factors when designing a bathroom, but function is equally as important when it comes to designing your commercial washroom.

Corporate restroom design should reflect the aesthetics of the rest of your premises as it shows consistency and attention to detail. Architects and Designers for high end companies or restaurants focus on being consistent across their establishment, which includes bathroom decor. For example, it may include bespoke materials and high-quality finishes from the reception and dining areas to create a luxurious design that enhances the customer’s overall experience.

If you are considering commercial toilet refurbishment – having a stylish, memorable and well-designed washroom can greatly improve customer satisfaction!

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