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Toilets used at a high traffic level, API Commercial offers touch-less technology to prevent the spread of germs such as the washrooms becoming door-less entry, flushing toilets and urinals, dispense soap and paper and air blades to dry hands. LED light fittings and motion sensors reduce power usage, timer valves minimise the water usage and easy to clean fixtures make the cleaning experience like never before!

API has comprehensive experience in the refurbishment and construction of toilets in the education industry ensuring they will last the test of time. It is a proven factor, refurbished school toilets increases a schools enrollments.


New STEM Facility – Parramatta Marist High School, Westmead

Construct a new STEM Facility. API worked closely with Parramatta Marist and Alleanza Architecture to ensure this new facility will encourage future STEM classes to become the next generation of innovators! A strong focus was to control reverberation within this space and connect adjoining learning spaces, the wall and ceiling acoustic treatment adequately met this requirement, combining acoustic and aesthetic outcomes, these panels also assisted with the connection of the adjoining learning centres.

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Learning Centre at St Ambrose Catholic Primary School

St Ambrose Learning Centre, began as a 1930s double brick house, API installed a structural steel support frame for the roof, in turn all internal walls were able to be removed, building services were renewed and a multi purpose learning centre is now in operation.


Extension at Richmond Preschool

Work with Architect to extend the Richmond Preschool for better facilities

Construct Disabled Bathroom And Access Ramps

Construct Disabled Bathroom And Access Ramps To As1428.1

Create a wheelchair friendly learning environment within strict time and budget restraints.

DET Head Office - After

DET HQ Accessible Bathroom and Ramp

Create accessible toilet and ramp to comply with AS1428.1-2009.

Renovate And Refurbish Toilet Block

Renovate And Refurbish Toilet Block

Refurbish existing toilet block improve hygiene, aesthetics and reduce maintenance.

UWS G1 Amenities Upgrade

G1 Amenities Upgrade

Refurbish existing bathrooms to improve aesthetics, hygiene and achieve AS1428.1 compliance

Kandos High School Amenities Entry - After

Kandos High School Upgrade Amenities

To upgrade facilities to improve aesthetics, cleaning and durability and bring into line with the school standard specifications.

St Madeleine's Primary School

St Madeleine’s Primary School

Reconfigure amenities layout as per architects documents to provide a open design and create a new storeroom whilst increasing aesthetics


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