How to Improve School Toilets?

Before After - School Toilet Project

How to Improve School Toilets?

It’s so often that school toilets are the cause of negative behaviour. Students will often avoid going to the toilet because of the dirtiness, broken locks, soap often is unavailable, lights don’t always work, unpleasant odours are around and all this combined suggests an unsafe environment. Research has found that when students are avoiding the school toilets they are often diagnosed with health problems.

The School Toilet Project is where a number of schools have refurbished their bathrooms to create a positive and safe environment. Painting the walls in bright colours and patterns and placing positive quotes on walls and cubicle doors, this allows students to feel positive and to feel that the school appreciates them.

See below a before and after picture from Cheltenham Girls High School in Sydney.

To read more about it click here.

These few simple solutions that will instantly improve your bathrooms:

This is a rather simple thing that can be easily fixed. Cleaning just needs to be done thoroughly and more often. Make sure walls, floors, toilets, basins and bins are kept clean and tidy. Employ cleaners to make sure these are kept in great condition, this will relieve staff having to keep a check on them.

Implement Touchless Sanitary Items
These are the best to install in your school bathrooms as they help to reduce the germ touchpoints. They are easy to clean and maintain and give a clean finish to the bathroom. Five reasons to transition to touchless technology in school toilets are prevents the spread of bacteria, waste reduction, efficiency, cost reduction and the convenience for the users.

Air Quality
Improving ventilation in school toilets is a must! Bad ventilation is the main reason for sickness spreading amongst the students, unpleasant odours occurring and dampness and mould can start to grow. Having fans Air Freshners can be installed in school bathrooms to keep unpleasant odours away.

Natural Light
Increasing natural light in school toilets helps to improve the kids wellbeing and academic ability. Having school facilities with lots of windows and glass doors can help to bring the natural light in.

Regular stocking of toilet paper, soap, and hand towel
This is an easy task to complete twice a day as it is very necessary for essential items to be stocked so students feel like they are appreciated and looked after at the school

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